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Consultation - Terms & Conditions

You understand and agree to the following consultation terms and conditions.

       1: You are a Female and you are 18 years or over. (only females are allowed to reserve consultation with Nadia Khan)

2: You are paying for a 15-minute phone audio/video consultation with Nadia Khan.

3: You must have WhatsApp installed on your phone.
4: You must add our contact number to your contact list +92-346-855-9989 (Your consultation will be on WhatsApp audio/video call only)
5: Your internet connection must be either or better then 3G/4G/LTE.
6: You will be responsible for any bad voice/net connection from your side.
7: You must be ready for a WhatsApp call 15 minutes before your scheduled/reserved time.
8: You can’t miss your scheduled date & time. If you miss, you have to reschedule online another date and time or by contacting us in writing and must repay for the consultation again.
9: You can only discuss the consultation service you paid for, not other questions or topics will be allowed.
10: Prepare your questions ahead of time. You must write down all your questions related to your topic of appointment.
11: We will call you on the provided number and you should have WhatsApp installed on it.
12: You should be by yourself, no extra people will be allowed to speak or appear between the consultation. Call will be disconnected.

13: Your consultation date and time will be reserved only once we receive your payment. You must not wait for last minute to make your easy paisa payment as you may lose the slot of your choice.

14: You must receive an email from us for your confirmed consultation.

15: All payments made towards consultation services are non-refundable and non-transferable.